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  • Adres: 80-605 Gdańsk, Sienna 45
  • Telefon: + 48 (58) 520 31 50
  • Fax: + 48 (58) 520 31 51
  • E-mail: marineprojects@marpro.pl



Marine Projects Ltd. was established in 1989 as a private venture. The first activities of the newly established company included elaboration of the technical and engineering documentation for shipbuilding industry in Poland and foreign customers.

As the next step in the company development, the production department was created and facilities were hired for each consecutive project. Acquisition of our own production facility formed a basic strategic goal and resulted in the purchase of a site at Ostrów Island in the Gdansk shipbuilding area.

A few years later in 1999, the steadily growing Marine Projects Ltd. bought a new production site, located at the bank of Vistula River in the harbor-industrial area of Gdańsk. This main company site is being constantly modernized and upgraded to suit ever wider production range of Marine Projects Ltd.

In 2003 Marine Projects Ltd. has created the daughter company Conrad S.A. which specializes in the production and delivery of complete luxury sail and motor yachts and operates at the same site.


Marine Projects Ltd. activities concentrate at it’s main facility at Vistula River, but some of production is still being carried out as previously at the old Ostrów Island site.

With the years Marine Projects Ltd. had accumulated lots of experience and knowledge enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customer’s needs and requirements. For many years our Shipyard closely cooperates with our traditional partners and customers from Germany, Netherlands and Norway.

During several years of fruitful activity, Marine Projects Ltd. has been developing and expanding its scope of production. Today our main activities include complete ship construction, building of fully outfitted superstructures as well as partly outfitted hulls and hull blocks. To handle all orders secured from customers our workforce numbers usually between 400 to 500 people. We also employ a varied number of subcontractors depending on the workload levels.


Supported by the best specialists with the rare skills, we build complete, fully outfitted container and multipurpose vessels up to 100 meters length as well as partly outfitted hulls up to 100 meters length or longer in parts.

Marine Projects Ltd. wide scope of interest includes also the spacialised craft market.

Marine Projects Ltd. for years builds series of completely outfitted superstructures (deckhouses) with the weight

Marine Projects Ltd. from the start from it’s operation makes steel constructions for the shipbuilding industry, outfitted hull blocks

Marine Projects Ltd. offers diversified services including ship rebuilding and conversion, for wide scope of vessel types.

Marine Projects Ltd. always was interested in sailing ships and that was expressed very early by the building of the brigantine ‘Swan Fan Makkum’ for a Dutch owner delivered in 1993.

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