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  • Adres: 80133 Napoli, Via Santa Brigida, 39
  • Telefon: +39 081 6100747, +44 (0)1603 733827
  • E-mail: info@nextgeosolutions.com


Next Geosolutions (NextGeo) is an international marine geoscience and offshore construction support service provider operating primarily in the energy, infrastructure, and utilities markets. 

Established in late 2014, NextGeo is recognised as a leading player in its field providing high quality, cost-efficient solutions covering the entire life cycle of assets and projects, from their initial conception at design stage, throughout engineering, installation, inspection and maintenance, up to decommissioning. 

Part of the Marnavi Group - the largest Italian ship-owner operating globally in the offshore industry, NextGeo combines the knowledge, expertise, and resources of teams and individuals with over 30 years of success in the marine and offshore industry with its consultancy, engineering and operational capabilities leading to true turn-key solutions. 

With a fleet of 15 state-of-the-art DP class 1 and 2 vessels and a multi-national blend of around 230 skilled and experienced professionals (our biggest asset), NextGeo offers a variety of services from specialised consultancy to marine geophysical, geotechnical, environmental and archaeological surveying, and from UXO survey, removal and relocation to offshore construction support services.


Key service categories: 

- Desktop & Feasibility Studies

DTS and feasibility studies analyze and human natural factors that may affect the planned system

- Geophysical and Geografical Surveyes

Relevant data can be obtained whit accurate geophysical and geotechnical surveys, to suport the design, engineering, construction and installation of subsea systems

- UXO Survey

Land and subsea detailed UXO surveys - both nearshore and offshore - carried out by means of state-of-the-art techniques and technologies

- Visual & Instrumental Surveys by Divers and ROVs

Subsea surveys carried aut by divers and ROVs for envirob=nmental monitoring and industrial inspections

- Offshore & Onshore Construction Support Services

Supporting services for construction, maintenance and preservation programs


Topographic and survey services by satellite, airborne, on land and marine

- Metocean & Environmental Surveyers

Studies for port and coastal designers and builders, such as scientific and impact evaluation and assessment surveys

- Archaeology

Underwater archaeological surveys, nearshore and offshore, by geophysical techniques and/ or direct inspections by ROV, divers, ASV's, etc.

-Intervention & Remedical Works

Survey and intervention services to ensure the stability of structures and/or territory

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Next Geosolutions Europe SpA
Via Santa Brigida, 39
80133 Napoli,

Next Geosolutions UKCS Ltd
Harbour House
126 Thorpe Road
United Kingdom

Next Geosolutions BV
Sluisplein 47
1975 AG Ijmuiden
P.O. Box 367
1970 AJ Ijmuiden
The Netherlands



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