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Usługi projektowe dla przemysłu stoczniowego

Dane kontaktowe

  • Adres: 81-850 Sopot, 3 maja 67-69
  • Telefon: 48 58 600 81 62
  • E-mail: office@havdesign.pl


Hav Design Poland (prev. Havyard Design & Engineering Poland) is a part of an international provider of technology and services for maritime and marine industries, HAV Group.

The Group's vision is to contribute to the global green energy transition and accelerate the shift towards zero-emission operations with innovative solutions and high-end products.

Our company offers basic design, detail design and complete engineering packages for the construction of vessels for transport, fishing, aquaculture, offshore wind power production, offshore oil production and other types of specialized vessels.

Scope of design and engineering services:

- Hull structure,

- Outfitting,

- Ship machinery and systems,

- Piping and HVAC,

- Deck equipment,

- Interior,

- 3D visuals,

- Project management and supervision.

Hav design Poland provides energy efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly designs for vessel construction, including SOVs for the offshore wind industry, live fish carriers for the aquaculture and ferries for the transport industry.

The company hires skilled and experienced Naval Architects and Mechanical Engineers. Hav Design Poland has a knowledge and expertise to advice our Clients for design of new build vessels, conversions, repair or retrofit projects.


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