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Ship design and engineering

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  • Adres: 81-543 Gdynia, Ul. Światowida 30
  • Telefon: 48 58 622 27 11
  • Fax: 48 58 622 27 15
  • E-mail: office@mmc-shipdesign.com.pl


MMC has an experienced and professional team of engineers and marine architects which enables us to design any type of vessel.

MMC assist clients both in the field of marine consulting and at each stage of the ship design and engineering process.

MMC can provide you with skilled project management to ensure the most cost effective and optimal use of design parameters with respect to performance and legislative requirements.

MMC can assist your organization in selecting the appropriate parameters for your purpose designed vessel and incorporate at an early stage various aspects of safety into the design.

MMC chief designers and engineers are specialized in boats for offshore and towage, as well as special service crafts.


Ship design and engineering

•Initial engineering and naval architecture
•Classification Documents
•Full package of production drawings
Steel units production drawings, lofting and nesting information, Hull outfitting production drawings, Accommodation outfit, including insulation and lining, Machinery drawings, Piping and HAVAC plans including spools, Electric installation diagrams for ships services, main cable ways.


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