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J.C.L. - J.Ciesielski Spółka z o.o. is small size Company representing foreign C

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  • Adres: 81 – 824 Sopot, Armii Krajowej 116/3
  • Telefon: (+48 58) 5559510-12
  • Fax: (+48 58) 5513966
  • E-mail: jcl@jcl.com.pl


J.C.L. - J.Ciesielski Spółka z o.o. is small size Company representing foreign Companies in Poland.
Presentation of company

Sebaldsbrucker Heerstr. 235, D - 28305 Bremen - Germany
is one of the leading companies in the electronics and systems technology sector. With its headquarters in Bremen and sites in all the coastal states of Germany. Company is promoting and selling::
- Naval Systems - Sonar systems, integrated command and weapons control systems for ships and submarines as well as mine counter - measure systems. Further core activities include system integration and management for complex naval projects as well as the development and installation of Vessel Traffic Services systems for modern port management.

Falckensteinerstraße 2, 24159 Kiel - Germany
Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH represents the land systems activities of the Rheinmetall DeTec group. As the leading systems company for the development and manufacture of tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles, the company has delivered over 14,000 vehicle systems to customers in 36 different countries.

Liebigstraße 17, D-84544 Aschau a.Inn - Germany
WIMMIS AG, Niesenstrasse 44, CH - 3752 Wimmis, Switzerland
Nitrochemie is the system leader for artillery charges and partner of the ammunition manufacturers for propellant components in the national and international markets. Nitrochemie offers the principal producers of systems its know-how, a future-oriented technology and the most advanced facilities. It is a preferred partner for development projects all over the world. In the \"automotive\" sector the company meets the challenges presented by the automobile industry.

PLATH GmbH - Nautisch - Elektronische Technik
Gotenstr. 18, D - 20097 Hamburg 1 - Germany
Producer and supplier of radio direction finding systems in field of Radio Surveillance and Safeguarding of Traffic. These are mostly multi - channel, azimuth - and time - open DF systems according to the so - called Watson - Watt and Interferometer principle.

Radio Holland Belgium NV
Noordersingel 17, 2140 Borgerhout - Belgium
Supplier of radio communication and navigation equipment such as: radiostations HF, LF, UHF/VHF, radiotelephones, GMDSS packages, radar\'s, echosounder\'s, GPS and DGPS receivers.

Ernst-Grote-Strasse 7, 30916 Isernhagen - Germany
Supplier of ice making machines with production from 30 - 10.000 kg/24h ice bins, ice storage\'s, ice containers, factories etc.

Bremer Heerstrasse 8, 28719 Bremen - Germany
Supplier of materials for ships such as: recording papers, echosounder\'s cables etc.

Boegelundsvej 21, Roerby, DK-4400 Kalundborg - Denmark
Producer and supplier of Bukh Marine Diesel Engines.

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przemysł stoczniowy, wyposażenie statków, zaopatrzenie techniczne statków, ciesielski, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, Naval Systems, sonary morskie, RHEINMETALL LANDSYSTEME GmbH, NITROCHEMIE ASCHAU GmbH

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