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Urządzenia okrętowe, Serwis urządzeń okrętowych, Wyposażenie Statków, Techniczne zaopatrzenie statków, Silniki okrętowe, Siłownie okrętowe, Kotłownie okrętowe, Turbiny okrętowe, Hydraulika okrętowa, Automatyka morska, Suwnice okrętowe



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Diagnostyka Maszyn is a service company for engineering, maritime industry, power and heating plants and the food industry. Our company is based on many years of experience (1993) and constantly updated hardware facilities of Pruftechnik. Diagnostyka Maszyn provides the highest level of professional service required by our customers.

We would like to improve effectiveness, quality and accuracy to reduce production and maintenance costs in Your company and let you plan maintenance ahead of time based upon the actual condition of machines.

Our company would like to offer:
Machines diagnostic & technical expertise (by vibration method)
Preventing diagnosis of rotary machines ( ISO 10816-3,4,7)
Analyze FFT
Bearing & gear estimation (SPM)
Repairing recommendation
Dynamic balancing
shaft alignment (horizontal, vertical, multishafts)
Ships laser measurements:
crankshaft rectangularity
ME & propeller shaft slews centralities

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